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Viptech Oil Burner 10 Two Stage
20-60 kw (1.5-5.0 kg/h)

About Burner :

  • Appropriate for High Resistance | Superior Boilers.
  • Energy Saving and adaptable with environmental necessity.
  • Outlined for easy handling and Low Maintenance.
  • Reliable and annoyance free.
  • Industrial quality parts easily available.
  • Outlined for on/off and 2-stage performance.
  • High Workability with respect to different options.
  • Plug-in contact to simplify the installation.

Technical Information :

TypeOil BurnerUnit
ModelVO 10 Two Stage
Control boxSiemens
Ignition TransformerBrahma (Made in Italy)
Fuel PumpSuntec (Made in France)
Oil FilterViptech
Solenoid ValveViptech
Ducted Air InletViptech
Manual Air DamperViptech
Air gridViptech
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